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a few years ago, i got sick at the end of the summer, right before i was going to head up north for school, and the doctor prescribed to me some strong medicines, wanting me to heal up fast so i could move into my dorm, register for my classes and all that.  and were those medicines strong.  and multiply that by the fact that i hardly ever take medicines.  flying to school, i was sitting in a window seat, drugged up on painkillers, staring down below, and i actually cried, tears of awe, at how beautiful life and the world was.  (after i stopped the medication however, i developed huge blisters, fell into a pit of despair, and vowed to research thoroughly the side effects of all medicines before i take them.  this is, though, not the point of the story.)

every once in a while, i get that same sort of overwhelmed happy feeling, slightly lessened, but much more real.  i feel this way around my friends, around my family– it’s this cheesy feeling of how people are really sweet and wonderful and honestly i don’t really remember doing much to merit being bear-hugged by the universe.  i got that in huge doses this christmas.

my parents hosted a party for our church’s choir this year, which always includes a randomized ornament exchange.  most of the ornaments were angels, crosses, and other religious paraphernalia, but the next-to-last one picked, and the one that caused the most laughter when unwrapped, was was a large pink flamingo.  the lucky recipient was mr. b, who had also been my highschool biology/chem teacher.  “jeez, mr. b always gets the best ornaments every year!” my brother laughed.  “i’m so jealous!”  i laughed too and agreed with him that mr. b must have x-ray vision and/or ornament-specific psychic powers.

when we were unwrapping presents on christmas itself, my brother noticed an extra present under the tree for him.  “from santa” it was labeled.  my brother unwrapped it to find nothing other than his very own large pink flamingo ornament.  “what!?” my brother and i both exclaimed.  we laughed like crazy on its opening, yet again.  mr. b and my brother root for opposing football teams and are always teasing each other when the others team loses.  “the cornhusker told me to tell the buffalo merry christmas!” my mom said.  my brother was totally floored.  mr. b is so ridiculously sweet and it warms my heart to know how thoughtful about tiny things people can be.

my brother has a tradition of giving me gifts that warm my feet and this year he made my feet the happiest feet on earth.  have you ever seen cuter moccasins?  they are lined with wool fleece!  my friend faye gave me the loveliest pewter colored dress.  my dad and mum gave me books and family friends sent a planner and itunes gift card for all of my music cravings.

i received packages from overseas too!  yu sent me a package from her and mai linh.  yu sent me the cutest cutest tea towel, tea biscuits and chocolate tea.  mai linh sent me the cutest hachi camera (it is so tiny, it looks like it’s made for mice!  and according to the flickr group dedicated to it takes lovely shots) and film for it.  i can’t wait to use it!!  my canadian drummer friend sent me a blindboxed ghostie, maple candy fudge and a drawing of one of my favorite robots, robo from chrono trigger!  my friends are absolutely adorable.

sometimes i feel so spoiled that i actually feel awkward about it.  but i know there’s an easy (at least in theory) solution- to always pay it forward.  i’m sending the warmest and happiest thoughts your way!  oh, and how could i forget!  here’s a shot of the flamingo on my pink foil tree:

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thankfulness turns every meal into a feast.

wishing everyone a very happy food coma~

our meal in reverse:
pecan pie, ice cream

french roasted turkey stuffed with chestnuts and pork sausage
not pictured: ham, rice pilaf, baby carrots with parsley, mashed potatoes, gravy, braised cabbage with bacon, sparkling cranberry juice, chardonnay

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I don’t really mean to be, but these days I find that I’m a bit elitist, turning up my nose at most things.  Food for example– if it’s not spectacular, not amazing, if it’s just mediocre, it might as well be horrible!  I just can’t bring myself to put it in my mouth– it’s like… not worthy of entering my body.  Haha.  I usually also won’t go to see a movie unless I’ve heard it’s incredible, or if it’s so bad that it swings back around to being incredible.  I won’t touch bagged tea. The only shampoo that will do for me is this stuff that is $20 per little bottle and makes my hair super shiny, and I buy the most expensive, softest toilet paper in the grocery store.   It’s mostly little things that I’m elitist about– soft toilet paper is probably the cheapest way possible to feel luxurious.

I spent my middle school and high school years, though, in a small sleepy town in Mississippi, and this somehow has gnawed a few holes in my elitism.  I love all sorts of down-south foods– purple hulled peas, collard greens, candied yams, and of course, fried anything.  Though I might still be slightly elitist about this– my favorite restaurant at home, Walnut Hills, serves vegetables that they grow in the garden right outside!  Also, coming of age in the south instilled in me a tolerance for country music that occasionally even veers into liking– John Denver, Tanya Tucker, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, and most recently Taylor Swift.

Don’t judge, okay.  She writes about boys and heartbreak, songs that will remind you of your first crush, in a manner that is not at all annoying– like someone who is experienced but managed not to become jaded, someone charmingly in turns levelheaded and silly.  Which is impressive for an 18 (well now 19) year old I think.  And, it’s country, so, it’s not at all pretentious.  Also Taylor sounds like a super ridiculously cute person, a person I’d want to have giggly sleepover parties and roast smores with.  In her youTube channel she writes that she is waiting for a guy who has great hair and an immature sense of humor.  Those are a pretty good 2 requirements, if one were only allowed 2 requirements for a boy!

It’s a strange day when I’m thinking whistfully of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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I head for Japan in a few days, but not before celebrating my birthday at home. What are birthdays for if not for wearing silly hats, taking colorful pictures, and eating lots of cake?

my brother was a pretty good sport about wearing the hat i made for him.


Oh, and they’re also good excuses for tea parties!

our dining room

table setting


Oh, and in case you can’t tell, one of my birthday presents was a new camera :P   I will be roaming Japan like a nerdy tourist, snapping lots and lots of pictures.

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