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I miss my Tokyo loft so so much, but I love my new apartment in San Francisco.  Come visit me and let’s have tea!


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My grandma is a hilarious lady.  She loves Britney Spears and any other hot blondes.  She decorates her rooms and restaurant with posters of these hot blondes.  She’s also a really tough lady.  She raised 6 kids alone after my grandfather died at age 40.  I like to think that she also raised tough ladies, that went on to raise tough girls.  She’s a wonderful cook, masseuse, card player, and bargain shopper.  Oh, and the mangoes from her mango tree are THE best mangoes I have ever eaten.

I love my oma.

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I have spent the past 4 days at home.  I got food poisoning Tuesday and then slid down the hilly road in front of my apartment Wednesday while buying groceries to cook innocuous food for myself, injuring my foot and my knee.  Since my apartment is my entire scenery these days (so thankful for friends who come by bringing porridge, bandaids and first aid cream, home made apple sauce, multi out cables and adaptors, and something else so awesome that it sort of deserves its own post) I thought maybe what better time than to show you my little place.  The photos were of course taken a while ago.  My hair is shorter now and my legs are all bandaged.  But anyway.

Hello would you like a tour of tiny loft apartment?

I still have a lot of ideas for decorating but this is what it looks like so far.  My place is basically a 1st grader’s dream.  It has a ladder!  It has a secret fort!  There’s a traditional Japanese style futon floor bed, but with Barbie bedding  (it was a gift from a 2nd cousin when I was 7, I found it while digging through closets at home)!  But truthfully, I am on the lookout for a Spiderman bedding.  It would still go with the 1st grader theme of my apartment.

Moving along, no room of mine is complete without piles of magazines and books.  I’m so happy to once again have access to Zipper and spoon and furthermore I live by a 24 hour book/magazine store.  And I have a little kitchen.

My first weekend after moving in, I visited my neighborhood Tokyu Hands and returned with an armful of art supplies, and used them straight away to paint this pink flowery explosion.  I have so much wall space so I want to make many more paintings.

How do I climb up the ladder to my loftbed now that I am injured you ask?  Verrrrry very slowly.

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I got well enough to venture outside today.  My mom and I ate burgers at Toot’s Grocery, a modest but tasty local burger joint.  I’ve always loved the signs on the building that say “Toots”.  I picked up some souvenirs to bring to coworkers and friends in Japan.  I’ve gotten the most favorable reaction in the past to food souvenirs (who doesn’t love trying local delicacies?)  I decided to bring cheese straws, a rich cheesy Southern spritz cookie.  A friend of the family’s makes them downtown and when we went to fetch them, I got to see the spritzing in action.  She’s happy to know that her cheese straws are traveling the world!

Next time I write I will be in Japan!  Goodbye for now!  xoxo

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We canceled our trip for New Orleans when we found out the Saints had made it to the Super Bowl- because it would’ve been exactly the same weekend— wow that would’ve been a crazy weekend in New Orleans.  We went today for a short trip.  It was rainy, so we just walked a little around the French Quarter.  We went to Cafe Maspero based on my brother’s high recommendation.  My mom and I split red beans and rice and a jumbalaya.  I miss those foods and don’t get to eat them often so I enjoyed it, and the food is decent for the price.  Sort of like the McDonalds of Cajun food– go somewhere else if you’d like a more sophisticated meal.

I was happy to visit–I love New Orleans.  I hadn’t been in so long, since before the hurricane, and there’s been lots of damage, and lots of rebuilding, but I was happy to know that it still felt the same as always.

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My family asked me if I’d set up my camera to take a picture of all of us together- something we haven’t done in years.  I was too happy to oblige.  Can you see the family resemblance?

My family is always having to put up with my weird whims.  You know I love you guys xoxo

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