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I went to watch The Hobbit on opening night with a 12 friends!  I made little scones and little pork pies for us to have a Hobbit tea party while in line, and also brought 2 thermoses full of rose tea, and a bunch of teacups for us to drink it out of.  Partying and eating movie themed foods while waiting is one of my favorite parts of opening night!

The other favorite thing of course is seeing everyone’s amazing costumes.  I saw the most amazing Elrond and Thranduil, they were two gorgeous best friends (how cute is that?) and they had high cheekbones and did such a good job of acting royal.  When they broke character it was equally cute– they gushed when their respective characters came out, looking badass.  There was also a really amazing Thorin, and a few hipster hobbits (which happily reminded me of this).  Jade dressed up in a super awesome elf cape that she lined with EL wire.  It is my habit to dress up as old men so I dressed up as Bilbo.  When dressing as an old man, I’ve learned that details are super important– which is why I went so far as to make my feet hairy.  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more out of my element  than when I bought a pipe at a tabacco store, and I don’t know if I’ve done a google search more traumatic than for tutorials on how to make your feet hairy (some suggested saving your hair from when you shower, complete with photos, ewwwwww).  In the end, I had the idea of using super thin tufts of unprocessed sheeps wool dyed brown (from a wool felting kit), glued to my feet with eyelash glue.  I’m sure the last thing you want to see is a picture of my hairy feet, but, too bad!  Hobbits are proud of their feet!

My whole family is obsessed (my mom has even read all the books multiple times, and last year we stopped by a few LoTR filming sites while in New Zealand) so we’re going to see it again while I’m home!  Merry Christmas and I wish you all the hobbit comforts and joys (food, family, fireworks, and a comfortable resting place for your feet) during your holidays!

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Do you have any unfulfilled dreams from your childhood?  Do you sometimes wish that you were a better cartwheeler or double dutch jump-roper?  I never learned to properly ride a bike as a kid, but I finally learned recently.  And now it’s my favorite thing in the world!  I like biking everywhere, all the time.  I bike around Golden Gate park.  I bike to Ocean Beach.  I ride to work every day- a 15 minute breezy, sunny ride.  It’s the best start to any day.

How did I end up finally learning to ride after 26 years?  After living in Boston and Tokyo, I’ve come to love getting around by public transportation and walking.  I feel like it keeps me active and helps me get to know the city better.  But it’s also hard to depend on public transport schedules, and in San Francisco, public transport is good, but not amazing.  So I’ve been contemplating learning to ride a bike for about a year.  I studied different bikes online.  I asked my friend Erek what kind of bike I ought to get.  He told me the most important part of a bike was the color.  “Get a cute one”, he said.  Finally, after a long period of researching and waffling, I got a bike.  Erek ended up being right.  The cuteness of my bike was the major motivator for learning to ride it.  But, it’s also a good bike.  It’s from Public Bikes.  Their bikes were near the top of my waffling list for about a year because their bikes are cute, light (lighter than some folding bikes, even!  it’s a concern to me because I carry my bike up 3 flights of stairs every day) and “ride like butter”.  I only hesitated because their bikes didn’t come in pink or light green, only primary colors.  But in December, they came out with limited edition pastels and on first sight, I knew that the mint green one was my bike soul mate.

If you’re learning to ride in San Francisco (are there are other people who never learned as a kid?!) I’d recommend Golden Gate Park!  They close it off to cars on the weekend, so it’s perfect for getting used to the idea of riding on a street.  And Public bikes is super about making bike noobs feel comfortable.  They’ll adjust your seat perfectly to your height and give you tips!  They think of everything– they gave me the tiniest bottle of the mint green paint for any future scratches.  I double recommend Public bikes if you’re short and have never found a bike that suits your height (or lack of it)!

Strangers often come up to me to tell me how beautiful Peppermint Patty is.  I’m pretty sure Peppermint Patty gets told that more often than me.

Dress: Karen Walker

Earrings: Pacman & Ghost, gift from the sweet Cheray!

More minty things: peppermint bubble tea with mint green straw from Boba Guys, Frankie Journal from Cheray!

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I’ve dressed up a few times as a masked crusader, but still it caught me off guard when I received a mysterious package a month ago, from none other than the Joker.  I couldn’t question its authenticity– it was written on Arkham Asylum letterhead, and in his very haphazard hand.  The letter included Batman coloring book and candy (“it reminded me of you, Batsy”) and a puzzle written on the back of playing cards, which when assembled in the right order told me to look at my top kitchen shelf to find a secret item.

He paid a visit to the Batcave HQ personally, as he had threatened to in the letter, and was a most curious household guest.  As soon as he arrived, the riddles continued.  Every day I’d find Joker cards hidden on my mirror, on my shelf, in my purse– with drawings and clues for finding a mysterious item.  One even led me to my roof at night where a cute froggie lantern was waiting for me.  Every day with the Joker was a new game.

The Joker reached into his pocket to give me one last card while saying goodbye.  After he was gone, I followed the clue on the card, and looked behind a painting of myself to find a mini Joker, left behind to cause a ruckus in his stead.

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For Kelley’s birthday we watched Pirates of the Caribbean in costume & ate Jamaican food.  Victoria had just ridden the Caltrain and gotten a bunch of Sacajawea golden dollars.  So it looked like we were paying for our movie snacks (dibs & warm pretzels) in doubloons.

Relatedly, when I was in New York, it made me smile to see a night food truck at called The Frying Dutchmen.

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I love my neighborhood.  There are so many plants everywhere.  I will be sad to leave it soon.

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my orchestra had a cherry blossom picnic this evening.  with flashlights.  in a graveyard.  haha

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