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Do you have any unfulfilled dreams from your childhood?  Do you sometimes wish that you were a better cartwheeler or double dutch jump-roper?  I never learned to properly ride a bike as a kid, but I finally learned recently.  And now it’s my favorite thing in the world!  I like biking everywhere, all the time.  I bike around Golden Gate park.  I bike to Ocean Beach.  I ride to work every day- a 15 minute breezy, sunny ride.  It’s the best start to any day.

How did I end up finally learning to ride after 26 years?  After living in Boston and Tokyo, I’ve come to love getting around by public transportation and walking.  I feel like it keeps me active and helps me get to know the city better.  But it’s also hard to depend on public transport schedules, and in San Francisco, public transport is good, but not amazing.  So I’ve been contemplating learning to ride a bike for about a year.  I studied different bikes online.  I asked my friend Erek what kind of bike I ought to get.  He told me the most important part of a bike was the color.  “Get a cute one”, he said.  Finally, after a long period of researching and waffling, I got a bike.  Erek ended up being right.  The cuteness of my bike was the major motivator for learning to ride it.  But, it’s also a good bike.  It’s from Public Bikes.  Their bikes were near the top of my waffling list for about a year because their bikes are cute, light (lighter than some folding bikes, even!  it’s a concern to me because I carry my bike up 3 flights of stairs every day) and “ride like butter”.  I only hesitated because their bikes didn’t come in pink or light green, only primary colors.  But in December, they came out with limited edition pastels and on first sight, I knew that the mint green one was my bike soul mate.

If you’re learning to ride in San Francisco (are there are other people who never learned as a kid?!) I’d recommend Golden Gate Park!  They close it off to cars on the weekend, so it’s perfect for getting used to the idea of riding on a street.  And Public bikes is super about making bike noobs feel comfortable.  They’ll adjust your seat perfectly to your height and give you tips!  They think of everything– they gave me the tiniest bottle of the mint green paint for any future scratches.  I double recommend Public bikes if you’re short and have never found a bike that suits your height (or lack of it)!

Strangers often come up to me to tell me how beautiful Peppermint Patty is.  I’m pretty sure Peppermint Patty gets told that more often than me.

Dress: Karen Walker

Earrings: Pacman & Ghost, gift from the sweet Cheray!

More minty things: peppermint bubble tea with mint green straw from Boba Guys, Frankie Journal from Cheray!

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5 Responses to “peppermint patty

  • Celeste
    April 14th, 2012 10:53

    So cute!! Love these photos :)

  • carolsofia
    April 17th, 2012 16:55

    true! it’s a cute cute so cute bike! you must feel like europe.

  • Cheray Natalie
    April 24th, 2012 01:42

    oh Amy!!!
    You look absolutely gorgeous <3 <3
    That dress (!!! omg! so stunning!!) & you know i adore your bike!
    so glad you've learnt to ride – i haven't ridden in years & i've been thinking about getting a cute bike to motivate me, especially since i walk to work everyday! riding would be a wonderful way to speed up getting to & from work!
    do you have many hills to ride up/down?
    ok – so next time i am in San Francisco we are going on a bike date – deal?
    <3 Cheray xxx

  • amy
    April 28th, 2012 01:48

    i would love to go on a bike date with you around san francisco, cheray! visit soon! <3

  • daria
    May 28th, 2012 06:32

    your bike is absolutely gorgeous! and I love that you matched it with your dress and nails – I sometimes do that unintentionally, only my color is pink :)

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