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father’s day

I have my dad’s

- big eyes

- love of travel

- unhealthy love of potato chips

- unhealthy love of differential equations

- bad skin

- love of taking pictures (it was so hard to find a photo with him in it, because he’s usually behind the camera)

- need of knowing how everything works

I love how my dad hasn’t stopped trying to learn new things and uses MIT’s OCW to listen to lectures of classes he wishes he’d taken or to brush up.  The chats I had with my dad about math, during high school, are part of the reason I love it so much.  I love that everywhere we’ve lived, he’s volunteered to serve meals for the local homeless shelter.  I think it’s hilarious how the first thing my dad does when he opens a book is flip to the last page.  Whenever he visits me, wherever I am, he spends part of his time cleaning my room.  I remember the last time that we were together in San Francisco– he was here for a conference.  We explored the city by looking up a different restaurant on yelp every night.  I hope we can do that again soon.

Happy Father’s Day!

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