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I have been sooo busy with orchestra (we’re accompanying an opera in a few months!), work, and random projects– one of the random projects being the doll above. I was going to wait to post about it until it was finished, but, then I thought maybe I could rope a few more people into making dolls if I posted about it beforehand!

My friend Victoria and I used to have craft nights back in Boston, when we’d knit, or make jewelry out of resistors and wires, or draw up invitations for our elaborate theme parties. Recently, to keep in touch, we signed up to make dolls for an orphanage in Nicaragua, and we chat via Skype as we sew (sewing is much more fun with company!) You can read about the project here. The only requirements are that the dolls have black/brown hair and eyes, to match the children in the orphanage. And that they be handsewn/knitted/crocheted. If you have no sewing skills or experience, it doesn’t matter! Your doll will still look like it’s been made with love. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my weekly chats with her, and our dolls are almost done! I’ll post another picture when the doll has hair and looks less creepy.

If you leave a comment on the original post, you’ll get an email with the mailing address. The dolls need to be received by June 13th. Oh, and there are patterns on the site, but I made mine with a pattern that I drew up and that you can download here. If you use my pattern you’ll need to leave 0.5 cm outside of the lines when you cut.  I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to write up an explanation of how to sew the parts in the pattern, but you can follow the instructions on the sites linked by the original post, cutting out these shapes instead.  And we are using this tutorial to attach hair.  And yay for cute Japanese fabric with hedgehogs and mushrooms (Japanese fabric stores are my favorite!)


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3 Responses to “dollyface

  • Janet
    June 5th, 2009 10:17

    Hey Amy,

    I’m totally going to a big doll! Felt is a bad doll material, right?


  • amy
    June 5th, 2009 13:04

    Hey Janet!

    Yayyyy, I’m so glad! Actually I’m using felt for my doll’s skin. Is it really a bad doll material? The fabric store closest to me didn’t carry flannel, so that’s why I opted for felt.

  • Janet
    June 8th, 2009 12:52

    It’s just not very durable. That being said, all my doll clothes are made with felt. And one doll is entirely felt, from head to toe except for her head. (Check my facebook)

    Wow, impressed that you understood my original message — I meant “I’m totally going to MAKE a doll,” lol.

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